Things I know for certain.

I will be there at Shea tomorrow, Tuesday, bedecked in Mets gear.

I will bring the Kids Club Mets pom pom I got from the Mets at the Movies event, and I will shake it shake it shake it.

I will be at batting practice, which is where I will start cheering.

By the end of the night, I will have no voice left.

I will take many pictures of my team.

I will be happier if they win.

But I won’t be heckling if they don’t.

Ok, I may not look if Mota’s pitching.

You can not blame me for that one.





  1. Deidre

    Well, let’s see… I grew up outside of D.C. before the Nats were there. So, I cheer for the Orioles because I lived for baseball as a preteen because of Cal Ripkn. But, well, they’re 25 games behind. And the Nats, who I’d happily cheer for if they were worth cheering about, are… hmmmm… also in the deep double-digits.

    Where’s a transpant Seattle woman to turn?

    Go Mets! And I mean it. (Love reading your stuff…)

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