Mets fans gather for “Mets Fan”

You know what makes for a good Sunday? A win (no matter how shakily attained), Two Boots pizza (did you know the owners are Mets fans!?), Mets bloggers (duh, we rock), and Dana Brand’s new book, Mets Fan. Oh! Also a party for Dana Brand’s book. Including a delicious from-scratch bloody Mary fashioned by a Mo Pitkins’ bartendress. For the atmospheric photo album, click here.

Picture_0042Dana went out of his way to make us bloggers feel welcome, for he, too, is a member of the fold. Pictured above (don’t blink while I link!) are, from the back row: Mike Steffanos of Mike’s Mets, Steve of The Eddie Kranepool Society, Dana Brand, Coop of My Summer Family, Caryn of Mets Grrl, SNK of You Can’t Script Baseball, and Me, of Here.

Picture_0081_8Also present was Kathy Foronjy, whose ambitious documentary Mathematically Alive (A Story of Fandom), premieres at the Coney Island Film Festival on Saturday, Sept. 29th.

Picture_013_9Dana Brand read from three of his "fan"tastic essays, all of which were eloquent, insightful, and above all passionate. Indeed, he captures the highs, lows (um, September much?), sights, sounds, and emotions that we crazy nuts have gotten ourselves into (and wouldn’t dream of getting out of). Also it was his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dana

Here are some bloggy photos for you to enjoy. And hey, if Aaron Sele and Scott Schoeneweis want to step up and be our heroes? Then I say all hail the Sele Schow. (Special thanks to Mets Grrl’s TBF for providing a radio-given play by play from the 9th to the 11th. I left the house between Heilman almost giving it away and Wagner having…issues.)

Picture_006_8 Picture_007_4 Picture_005_7 Picture_0151





    Sounds fun. I was driving back from Washington myself after watching the Phillies lose the last game ever in RFK, picking up the scratchy 660 sounds that became clearer as they won.

    Two Boots Pizza..hmm, I haven’t tried it yet, but I think you’ve answered my ‘what do I have for lunch today’ question. To Grand Central I go!


    Optimistic Mets Fan(


    I know i’m wasting my time here on your blog, but here goes: I hope the met’s lose every game that’s left this season. Further, in the post season: You know your bullpen is way too unpredictable to support the rest of the team.
    So, i’ll laugh when the time comes again(remember last year?) when the mets will choke!! Yes choke!! (Beltran, strike three looking, ’06 over for queens!!! remember that?)I sure do!!

    I just whent overboard I know. Don’t take me seriously, I’m just passionate about my baseball. That was all meant in good spirits, no offense intended to you.

    Go Braves!!!



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