Do you bleed blue and orange?

Bleed_blue_orange_2You know what? You can only tell if you bleed blue and orangewhen you bleed.

Yesterday’s win was heartening, but we’ve still got trouble. Bullpen. Health. Focus. Whatever it is the Mets have been lacking (all of the above?), I’ve been frustrated about it too.

But a recent outing with Coop to watch the game at the Blind Pig reminded me of something. Coop and I were watching the Mets game, obviously, but the Yankees game was on the big screen. An obnoxious Yankees fan (who later would try to flirt with us by offering to buy us drinks) pointed to the big screen and told us, "The game is over there."

I made a face and nodded toward our flat screen TV. "A game is over there. The game is over here."

He guffawed. "You mean that Triple A team?"

Coop yelled something lewd at him (I don’t remember exactly what), and I looked him straight in the eye. "Yankees fans are fair-weather. Mets fans stick through it."

He nodded. "You got me there."

It’s been a tough month, folks, no doubt about that. Sometimes harder than tough. But instead of insisting that you are so right that it’s all Willie’s fault. Or that the bull pen couldn’t pitch its way out of a paper bag. Whatever beef you’ve got with the team…just remember. You can’t claim to be a Mets fan unless you stick around during the stormy times.

You can’t bleed blue and orange unless you bleed.

Let’s continue to support this team. To defend them when prompted to. To keep the dream alive. It may not be easy, but it’s not supposed to be.

Only then will we know what we’re made of.






    Amen sister! lol
    I had actually sworn off the Mets after their second loss to Washington. I didn’t watch or listen to 1 second of the last game vs the Nats. And they won, so I decided to keep that attitude the next night. But the people at work turned the game on in the 9th and we all know what happened then…

    So I realized then that they needed me. I admit I was weak for a day and a half, but I came back. And I came back after a loss.

    Anyone remember hearing that Torre should be fired back in May? Mets fans will always have more heart than Yankee fans. Maybe it’s because the ’69 Mets sang “You’ve gotta have heart” on Ed Sullivan

    I guess what I’m really trying to say is Let’s Go Mets!!!


    Great pep talk! It is easy to blame management, write off baseball, give up, etc. But it never occurred to me not to support the team. I got scared after that horrible loss to the Marlins. I emailed my dad “Do we still believe?” and he responded 5 words: “We will win the division.” His confidence after THAT game made me realize it’s in my blood. I could never give up on them! And I never will…See u later…


    And for the record I told that guy to go…um…”pleasure himself” to a picture of ARod and Jeter.

    He then offered to buy us both a drink!!! LOL


    Great comeback line! (Mets fans are smarter too!) I hope you didn’t accept those drinks. Coming from a family of Yankees fans, I’ve often been asked why I’m not a Yankee fan. My answer? With all their success, it’s too easy to be a Yankee fan. Being a Mets fan builds character. It’s what helps us get through those rough seasons, or sleepless nights after a tough loss (that’s been tested more than a few times this month). I wouldn’t have it any other way. –Nicole

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