Jasper still believes.

(Sort of.)

My first thought after enduring yet another you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me loss was this:


My second thought was: Jose. What did you do to your hair? Frosted tips have not helped your hitting. Pull a Lo Duca and find the clippers.


My third thought was: Cat. Come here and cheer me up. At first, Jasper resisted the fighting spirit I so dearly wished for.

Finally, though, I instructed: Meow if the Mets will be okay. As you can see, clearly Jasper is optimistic. If perhaps not entirely thrilled.


And that’s what I’m trying for right now, fellow Mets fans, hard as it may be. I’m trying to be optimistic, if perhaps not entirely thrilled.
So if I swat at your camera, forgive me.





  1. mysummerfamily@gmail.com

    Oh mah goodness that was soooo cute.

    Send it to the Mets, and see if that doesn’t pick them up! LOL “Pick them up” – that was intentional!

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