Let’s keep our heads together

Dodgeball_reyes_1I was all set to snark it up that it seems like the Mets are auditioning for the movie: Dodgeball II. As in: Boys, the object is to go toward the ball, not make sure it flies past you.

So am I frustrated? Yes, of course. Am I panicking? No.

This isn’t last year. Our road is rockier. The outcome is less certain. But then again, let’s look at last year. The division seemed to stroll into our hands. The NLDS? Might as well have stood for Not Losing Dis,*******. The Mets owned the field.

Until they lost it.

We can’t predict what will happen next week, let alone next month. What if this dip in the road becomes just what it takes to get our boys fired up to the next level? What if collectively pulling together to improve their play leads to a more cohesive clubhouse in the end? What if this time of trial brings out the truest leaders on the team–and forces them to take a more active role forevermore?

Our team will turn things around.

They will because they have to.




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