Sunday Sept 16

Despite the horrid game against the team I don’t feel like naming, Sunday was a jam-packed afternoon at Shea for me and Coop. We ran into fellow bloggers and blog junkies. We experienced the loge-level virtual tour of Citi Field. We crashed a luxury box. We learned that at Shea, "luxury" = "Holiday Inn". At Citi Field, LUXURY = "unaffordable."

Picture_0021_1Let’s do an abbreviated photo tour, starting with the long-sleeved t-shirt giveaway. The entire virtual tour can be seen here.

While on line for the Citi Field tour, we ran into Greg of Fear and Faith in Flushing, as well as "Dykstraw" who comments on BMF. Here’s Greg and Coop!

Picture_001_8 After about 40 minutes on line, we finally got into the Citi Field Experience. We experienced the mahogany wood, wall treatments, and (not so cute) carpets that will be in the new ball park. We experienced the snazzy padded stadium seats–with cup holders!–and virtual views of the field. Here’s a taste, with much more in the album.

Picture_010_1Picture_011Picture_017_1Picture_019_2 The tour then moved to what will be Citi Field’s version of luxury boxes, which will be called something else that I can’t remember, like "Excelsior Box." Why, I wonder, did they choose beige suede to outfit the furniture? The Wilpons better Scotch Guard those *******. Indeed, this will be the fanciest way to watch the game. Full-service kitchen. Flat-screen TVs everywhere. Climate control inside, and wonderful, shaded view outside. (If anyone would like to invite me to a Citi Field luxury box when the time comes, I will bake him or her all the cakes and cookies he or she could ever want. I am an excellent baker.)

Picture_0211_6Picture_022_2Picture_027Picture_028_3  Citi Field will be catering to the privileged. But the privileged will have a dang good time at the ball game.

Shea, however? Well, Coop and I got to see what they call "Luxury." Her cousin Sassdawg invited us to his Luxury Box, and by "his," I mean "The one he strolled into with no claim to it whatsoever." Picture_050The most exciting part of crashing a luxury box at Shea is the private bathrooms. Check out my Lonely Lavatory, Bitchez!

Picture_0511_1 Coop and I didn’t stay long–I had been so enjoying the weather outside–but I hear her family got kicked out eventually. By then, however, the novelty had worn off. Note, by the way, the tiny security-camera-style TV set they’ve installed in the suite to watch the game. Now that’s getting fancy.

Picture_057_1Picture_058_3Picture_049_2Picture_046_4 As for the game itself? Um…I’m watching the Nationals game on Monday night as I type this. Let’s just say the following face still applies. This is getting tough to endure. I may have to name my shiny new ulcer "Mets."



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    I’m thinking this will be the closest I’ll ever get to a Citi Field box. Actually, it’s probably the closest I’ll get to the inside of Citi Field. I’m finding it a little hard to get excited about our new stadium, knowing that I probably won’t be able to get any tickets(at least as long as the Mets are winning).

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