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Yeahhhhh, that’s what we call a lowlight. Coop, Will, and I suffered through some serious Mota-itis. But fret not! Our rowdy good fun could not be diffused.

For the hamming-it-up photo album, click here.

The evening began with Coop meeting the illustrious Ed Kranepool! Followed by me and Will crashing Coop’s box. Definitely a new experience for Will.

Picture_0031_9Picture_0061_9 From then on, we got…loud. When Marlon Anderson hit a bomb against Smoltz, Will’s reaction might have gone something like this: I’m sure Marlon feels the same way, buddy.
Picture_0371_3It’s possible I also got a bit enthusiastic cheering for Shawn Green. "Rosh-Ha-sha-nah!" Clap clap clap-clap-clap. But it’s no secret that I heart me some Shawn, and that John Smoltzdoes not.

Here’s what the final out was like. Along with Coop’s and my vocal reactions.

All in all, some of the most fun I’ve had all year at the ball park! We saw SNK and her buddy on the way in, and we ran into Regis and his girlfriend Mary on the way out. Shea Stadium: One big happy family 🙂
Picture_0131_1 Picture_0201_3




    that series of mota-inspired pictures is making me giggle something fierce. glad we can laugh about it now. like we survived a war!


    OMG, I seriously haven’t had that much fun at a game this whole year. No offense to the peeps I’ve gone with before (and potentially after…) last night…but Section 14 in mezzanine…LOOK OUT!


    There are no words for how Mota ***** right now *sigh* But those pics are great!

    And we did win the game, which is always an extremely good thing! And that was my reaction exactly after Marlon’s homer and after the last out 🙂


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