Picture_428_2How far would Paul Lo Duca go for a bet? The world may never know, alas. But we do know the least he’ll do is play around for the cameras. This came after a serious, par-for-the-course interview about the day’s pitching. Enjoy. I sure did:

Mets Buddy Rob invited me to his lovely loge seats today to watch the Mets Picture_0061_8clinch the series against the Astros. Of course with Pedro on the mound tomorrow, we’re all hoping for a sweep. But for now, let’s just enjoy the skill of our ace Tom Glavine.
Five perfect innings. A rest for most of the bullpen. Low pressure situations for on-point Heilman and Wagner. Add in another David Wright homer (M!V!P!), production from my Shawn Green and Paul Lo Duca (among others)Picture_0201_2 , and I’ll say it was mighty fun.
Picture_0171_1 Picture_0251_8 Picture_0331_4

Picture_0121_3But Paulie says it so much better than I ever could. ROCK ON NEW YORK!







    Oy, Paulie, don’t do that with your eyes. It’ll be all over YouTube.

    The funny thing about this was earlier, Kevin Burkhardt was talking about Paulie’s reaction to his nomination for the Roberto Clemente award, and how he hoped that people would realize that he’s “not a bad guy.”

    Of course not a bad guy, Paulie. Just a teensy bit NUTS.

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