Two things I’d rather not see.

Picture_413_2 The first one’s just temporary, I think. Johnny Maine, you’re your own worst critic. Relax a bit. Just pitch. The team’s got your back. (Also, in the pre-show, Ron Darling called Mainey "single." Nope. Dude’s married, Ronnie.)

The second thing I’d rather not see? Oh my God these anti-smoking commercials could not get worse. Picture_414_1Electronic Voice Box Dude and Ten Year Old Whiney Girl were easy enough to mute. But Gangrenous Leg Guy is killing me.

Don’t get me wrong: Smoking = bad. Ew, gross, don’t smoke. But come on, now, advertising people. Your commercials s.u.c.k. Try showing people how smoking ages skin, or point out that money spent on cigarettes could have bought a house, or something. Rare smoking-related ailments aren’t gonna work for people who’ll just say "But that won’t happen to me."

Also, some of us eat dinner during the games.

Yes, this is what I rant about after a 7-0 shut out. I have faith in our boys. And I really don’t want to look at gangrene.






    oh poor johnny. it’s ok johnny!

    but man oh man does he just meltdown sometimes. it’s like he and ollie are competing for the role of He Who Breaks Will’s Heart The Most

  2. Zoe

    But better John and Ollie get the crappy games out of their systems now, and then do what they did last year in October.


    Out and about with the bad game jibbies… better now than later 🙂 Getting rid of the evil eye starting now 🙂

    Hope all is well 😉 I have been busy with the begg of the school year but of course never missing a game…




    Aww. Johnny Maine is married? He is such a cutie pie! Does anyone else know about his marital status? Who’s the girl…sad it isnt me…


    johnny maine is such a stud. at his then-girlfriend/now-wife’s parent’s house, he starts pulling out gifts, and then takes out a ring and says “oh i got this for you too.”


    HEY JOHN. bring that studaliciousness to the mound more often why don’t you

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