A new superstition?

Before the opener of this series against the Braves, I photoshopped John Maine as Maini Wan Kenobi. Lo and behold, the team won. And then Pelfrey pitched like a star. And now…well, today we’ve got Glavine on the mound, hoping to beat his buddy Smoltz, which hasn’t proved easy this year.

So, although this is dorky even for me, let’s see what happens when we photoshop our vs.-the-Braves pitching triumvirate in their respective Star Wars roles, shall we? If it gets us a sweep!? Well, then a new geeky superstition might be born for this here blog.

Pelf_fights_vader Yodaglav_copy_1  

Maini_wan_2Maini Wan Kenobi says: May the force be with us.





  1. drtmuir@juno.com

    Oh I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
    How he can win 300+ games just by raising his hand

    Oh my Yoda

    Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-da. 😛

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