Metsblog at McFaddens. WIN TIME!

Picture_024Thanks to Matt Cerrone of the always informative Metsblog for organizing a truly fun outing to watch the Mets play like we expect them to. For the photo album, click here! I was there last night with my friend Diane and fellow blogger SNK of You Can’t Script Baseball, who were both the best of company.

I will say, I noticed the crowd was less effusive than they’ve been at past McFadden’s Metsblog events. Perhaps it’s because this wasn’t a postseason game. Or perhaps it’s because we’ve had a…tough week. Ok, team, remember what I said about momentum? Now’s the time to harness it. No, really. NOW. But still, everyone at McFadden’s had a great time cheering our boys, and I remembered once again that Mets fans ROCK.

Special shout out to the "Pick Me Up Some Mets" readers I met last night: Emily and Cory, whose picture I didn’t get, alas, Birthday Boy Phil (pictured below, getting friendly) and his friends, Happy Mike and his nip-loving Australian friends, and Mookie Jersey Guy, whose batting practice uni Matt admired. (Um, next time I promise to write down names.)

Here are some more pics from last night (click to enlarge):Picture_007_2 Picture_004_1Picture_009Picture_014_3

As to the moments I love to bring you? Oh, there were several. How about Tim Hudson’s reaction to Carlos Delgado’s HOME RUN (read his lips). You go, Carlos D!

Or this shot right after of someone giving Jose Reyes the treatment he recently gave Ruben Gotay. Could it have been Ruben? Reyes looks just as peeved, which is total fun.

And then there’s just the sheer joy of seeing Pedro Martinez again. Advising pitchers. Dancing in the dugout. That’s our guy.


Finally, at the end of the night, with Conan O’Brien on my TV, I saw this, which was too perfect a comparison to let go. If Conan had to cast A-Rod in a movie, guess who he’d use?

Picture_031_2 Usually this is when I (affectionately) tease poor Matt a little, but not this time. Cap tip, buddy!






    good stuff, zoe! If maybe a bit off center, haha…red shirt MAY not have a future in photography… Fun night, fun win 🙂


    YAY! PICS! You guys looked like you had so much fun – shame on you LOL! seriously, wish i could have made it but I’m sure you respect my weekend long Mets sabbatical! Though i still text everyone under the sun for info…but in all fairness someone asked me and I said I would talk to my “people” LOL. Now I have to ask – why is the DJ known as “******-Jag?”

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