The Ziegfeld rocks. Mr. Met rocks. Losing three to the Phillies DOES. NOT. ROCK.

Okay, but look what I got! I’ve been waiting years for this. He hugged me. We fist tapped. Mr. Met and I bonded, and now he is my boo. Mr_met_and_zoe_4

You’ve voted right?? Well, vote again! Often! You’ve got until Sept. 6. Let’s wrap this up for my boo, folks.

The next time the Mets, Screenvision, and the Clearview Ziegfeld combine forces to put the game on the big screen, I recommend you go. It was the closest thing you can get to being at the game. Mr. Met was there. The Pepsi brigade was there. They had an organist! There were vendors in the aisles, hot dogs and beer, singing Meet the Mets, the 7th inning stretch, Pepsi shirts being thrown around. Picture_006_6And look! I got this pom pom by asking nicely, even thought it was supposed to be only for kids. That’s Coop underneath–hi Coop!

Even better? 1969’s Bud Harrelson stopped by to talk to and joke with the crowd between innings. As did SNY’s own Chris Cotter and Lee Mazzilli! Mazz did a goofy dance in honor of the famous "Ziegfeld girls" of yore. I missed capturing that gem, alas, but I got the tail end of his musings on what he likes about broadcasting. Not a great clip, but it can give you a sense of the evening:

There were other highlights. The crowd cheering Delgado on as he tried to continue his mini hot streak. Collective chants of "Paul Lo Duca! Clap clap clap-clap-clap" and "Endy! Endy! Endy!" And, of course, going wild when our golden boy David Wright knocked out a first inning bomb:, I can’t lie: The loss was gutting. But watching the game on the big screen (pre-show included!), among other crazed dorky Mets fans like myself, with a tuxedoed Mr. Met appreciating my t-shirt, and giving me a hug and a fist-tap…well, there are worse ways to go.



  1. Zoe

    I was happy to pimp for Mr. Met and tried to get the mascot website publicized, but at one point, the camera focused in on us just cheering, and I got shy and dipped my head. The camera man looked angry with me 😦


    SNY had some highlights from the Ziegfeld. Looked like a great time (minus the loss). Hope they do it again- I’ll definitely be there!

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