How many articles and blog entries have you read about what’s different this year than last? Is it the team’s identity? The injuries? No longer being the underdog? Well, maybe. But if I had to choose the most significant difference between the 2006 and 2007 Mets, I’d have to say it’s Momentum. Meaning, this year, we just can’t seem to harness it. In any factor of our game.

According to that vast font of knowledge, Wikipedia, "In general, the momentum of an object can be conceptually thought of as how difficult it is to stop the object." This year, the Mets are stoppable. Plain and simple. We have been lucky, however, that the rest of our division has been more stoppable.

The team gets one or two great wins under our belts, and then we lose 9-2 against the Phillies. It looks like we’re going to sweep the Pirates, and then they embarrass us. ****–we get a man on base, or we load the bases, but then we’re stopped before we can plate a dang run.

Mets. Our dear, beloved Mets. Now is the time to become unstoppable. Gather momentum. Maintain the good play. Hit in the clutch. Let one win carry to the next. Can you get to the postseason without finally harvesting some decent momentum? Sure.

But you can’t win a World Series.




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