Mets bloggers rock the Hawaiian House

Picture_0452                                                                                                  I will admit it: What a fun time we had last night at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone gathering for SNY’s latest viewing party. By "we," I mean an intrepid group of delightful Mets bloggers–but then, is there any other kind :)? In attendance were Coop, SNK, Trey, and the Metsblog boys Matt, Anthony, and Regis.

Picture_0441_4 Trey gets extra props for designing the shirt I wore, which I sincerely heart. Check out her t-shirts, which are adorable for guys and gals alike.

For the ROCKING photo album, click here.

The night started off well when two SNY dudes handed me a coveted pack of SNY announcer trading cards right off the bat. I am dorky enough to have really wanted one–but then, I am easily pleased. The Hawaiian Tropics women turned out to be much nicer than I’d expected. One even slipped me the two-for-one drink special about fifteen minutes after it was supposed to end. In fact, it was a guy bartender named Scott (yes, I’m calling you out) who went out of his way to be rude and obnoxious to me and Coop at the very beginning of the night. I may have used the word "d.o.u.c.h.e.bag."

Picture_0221_3Oh! I also ran into someone from high school. Meet Khalid, who wonders where female Mets bloggers have been all his life.

Special guests of the evening Ron Darling and Matt Yallof answered questions from a raised platform above the bar. Picture_028_ I had thought Ronnie would be mingling more, and signing autographs. But in lieu of our quality face-to-face time, I asked him a question: Since he’s been talking recently about young pitchers getting tired toward the end of the season, I asked what he had done to avoid that as a young pitcher himself. He said he "worked out like crazy," and dug deep to be a gamer–something he gave kudos to El Duque for accomplishing.

Let’s see, what else do you need to know? A win against the Pirates–which could have come more easily, but as Willie always says, "A win’s a win." Pomegranate margaritas = yum. Oh! And I almost forgot. Poor Matt Cerrone. He knows I (gently) tease him every so often, so here’s the obligatory Make Matt Blush moment.

Picture_046_3If you’ve seen the Mets Weekly piece on Cerrone and his wife, you know she’s cute as anything. So kudos to Matty for hitting the gym–homeboy’s been working out. So, my one gratuitous chest shot from the Hawaiian Tropic Zone (sorry to disappoint the guys) will be Matt’s 🙂

I’ll leave you with some more pics (of course), but hit the album for the full effect.

Picture_0071_9 Picture_013_5 Picture_0211_5 Picture_043_2 Picture_029Picture_049_1




    I love it! I never really thought about it before…but Ron Darling is really hot! LOL And yes people, trust us – Scott was a D-bag Deluxe. It was the nice bikini’d bartenders who slipped us the drink specials – heck, when we asked him about the specials, he was like – absolutely no drink specials. Oh wait, ask me again. NO. What a ******!


    Does “j-e-r-k” get blanked out of this? Weird. Anyway, I was just telling someone that HTZ was tastefully done – didn’t smell like cocoa butter – and that guy was a real meanie. She was like – well, you’d think they get less female clientele and he should have really kissed our butts. I agree!

  3. Zoe

    You’d be surprised what Mlblogs bleeps out. I mean, I’ll give HTZ a cross between ESPN Zone and *******. I would have liked to try the food. And hellz yeah he should have kissed our butts! Another bartender, though, Aldo, was ADORABLE. He said he’d enter the nightly bikini contest just for me 😉


    As for mixed messages in Mets promotions, what about that last one with the Hawaiian Tropic gals AND MR. MET?? Little boys of all ages?

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