A little Coop, a little Hawaiian Tropics

Picture_0201_1Sunday, I spent a fab day in my homey Coop’s seats in mezz behind 3rd base watching Tommy G get honored for his 300th win, followed by a late-game can of offensive whoop *** against the Fish. Fun! Check out the fab photo album for pics, and I’ll drop a few at the end of this post too.

Last week, I also wrote an email to SNY saying, basically–hey, I’m one of your biggest fans. Also, a lady. Throw us gals a bone here. Having your party at the Hawaiian Tropics Zone doesn’t scream "Yay for our female fans." I’d take a free drink. Those SNY trading cards. First dibs at a Ron Darling autograph. ANYTHING to make this outing more fair and inviting to the womenfolk.

But yes, I’m going tonight. I’m thrilled to spend more time with Coop, the Metsblog boys, and whomever else wants to say howdy. I’ll be wearing my blue cap and orange JoseJoseJoseJose t-shirt. Do say hi!



Picture_0121_1 Picture_0281 Picture_035_1 Picture_0581_4 Picture_0661_2 




  1. luvmymetsies@yahoo.com

    I thought the same thing when I saw the commercial. Yeah, I really want to be served by a girl in a bikini.

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