Mustache Performance Enhancing Drugs

It won’t be news to inform you that I’m easily amused. But still, the AMI (American Mustache Institute, of course) released this tongue-in-cheek (or is that tongue-on-‘stache?) statement about "Top Sports Mustache" winner Keith Hernandez–and his documented use of "Just for Men" to enhance his goods:

Picture_397_1Keith won as a "write-in" candidate, due primarily to the efforts of readers.

In mid-July, Keith was the recipient of another mustache honor–the Newsday Keyboard Quarterbacks’ Mustache Madness Championship.

SNY chose to congratulate their Stachey in  a way they knew he’d appreciate. Even the Endy Chavez bobblehead and Tom Seaver tipped their staches to Keith. (Note to Gary Cohen: Upside down mustache = bat on your mouth.)

Picture_339 Picture_340

Picture_341 Picture_342_1

What do you think–has Keith’s beloved Just For Men tainted his Top Sports Mustache record? :-{)






    Definitely not tainted. Did you see the mannequin head that Gary’s wife made for Keith–complete with a mustache and Tootsie pops for hair?

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