Sorry, Tommy

Picture_0031_8Last night, with Coop at the Blind Pig, I was so sure Tom Glavine would get his 300th win. The occasion felt momentous. Glav had 30 friends and family in the stands. I had my camera.

Picture_025_5 Alas, Tommy, this wasn’t your time. Your kids and wife went from this: Picture_030


Unfortunately, to this:



Don’t worry, buddy. We’ve got faith for next time.

For the full photo album, including many a screen cap, and some of the Blind Pig friends and family, click here.




One comment

  1. Kellia

    Not Glav’s fault. The bullpen blew it. The fact that ‘pens are so important and that fewer and fewer complete games are pitched nowadays is one of the reasons 300 wins will be even harder to get in the future. Sometimes, when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!


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