Profesor Reyes

Last night, Mets buddy Rob invited me to the game, and at first, I happily swung back a Smirnoff Ice, gobbled an enormous Subway sandwich, BBQ potato chips, and a big ole’ ice cream cone. Then the second inning came along. Ouch.

The highlight of the entire game was Jose Reyes’s "Profesor Reyes" segment. Last night’s word? "Marinero," or "sailor." But the best part was Jose singing the lyrics to La Bamba’s chorus, "Yo no soy marinero. Soy capitan, soy capitan" or (and I did not know this) "I am not a sailor. I’m captain, I’m captain."

I was reminded of Thursday’s hilarious SNY segment where el Profesor tried to teach Kevin Burkhardt Spanish. Key word being "tried." Here are a couple fun outtakes for you to enjoy 🙂

And if you’ve never seen Shea’s "Spanish Academy," here’s one of my favorite Profesor Reyes moments:




    “David, keep playing baseball. Please.” Did you see the one where Delgado says, “Before I attended the Jose Reyes Spanish Academy, I could not speak Spanish”? These segments are great!


    Beautiful, Z! Thanks.

    On Saturday, apparently Mr. Glavine attended the Spanish academy, and was imitating the whole Jose shaking-head, rolling-eyes, hands-over-face thing. I didn’t go so I didn’t get to see it.

    Tommy G. is quite the ham, judging by his appearance in that “chicks did the long ball” commercial I dug up earlier this week…



    We got cheated last night. They were having technical difficulties, and had to cut the segment early.


    *sighs* The things I miss cuz see now I have SNY and they block it when the games are on… isn’t that something else?

    Gracias for keeping me up to date with the lessons 😉

    Tengo que ir al aeropuerto. I think I did pretty good.

    A mi me gusta el Profesor Reyes. Yo he aprendido mucho.




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