Mets All-Star Bunny Lovers

Matt’s mention today of the Playboy-sponsored party in honor of the All-Star game reminded me that my friend Traci, who works for Playboy PR, organized the big shindig. She sent me a couple pics of her and our boys, which of course, I will share with you.

Traci_david_3Photo credit: Dave Alloca/Startracks 

On David, Traci reports that he’s the "nicest guy ever" and that "I don’t think that he realizes he’s a celebrity."

Traci_josePhoto credit: Dave Alloca/Startracks

Traci calls Jose "so sweet and adorable."

But of course, Traci. Would we expect anything less from New York’s favorite All-Stars?






    It’s good to hear that David isn’t letting all this attention get to him. I don’t think his three brothers will let it happen anyway. By the way, any idea what David has in that wine glass?


    You always seem to hear that about David, and Jose seems like he’d be so much fun to hang out with. Thanks for the pictures!


    OH MY G-D! DAAAAVEEEYYYY!!!! My heart is skipping a beat and you are torturing me with that huge smile of his. Oh how I love him!!!

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