Stepping it up to the next level

Wow. Where’s the offense gone? Hitting has been a struggle, yes, but worse? When our boys get on base, the lineup just can’t get ’em home. Last night against the Padres, the Metsies managed 1 run with 9 hits. Ouch.

Only one thing can be done about it.

Remember early May? The whole team-unity-head-shaving-extravaganza? Well, call up the Mets Spa, coaches. You know, that new phone in the dugout. The Emergency Line.

The head-shaving provided a couple weeks of Mets spark. But any gal could tell you–shaving doesn’t last.


Time for waxing.

Wax as a team, boys. Hold each others’ hands through the pain. Wax backs. Wax facial hair. Wax those bikini lines.

You’ll be so shocked, you won’t be able to think about recent lackluster performance.   

Try that for feeling comfortable at the plate.






    And lets hope by the time it grows back, we’ve put the Braves, Phillies, etc. well behind us. BTW, I just bought your book, Zoe. Looking forward to some summer reading by the pool.

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