A Rare Indulgence: In honor of the All-Star game

I promise that when I watch baseball, I am not paying attention to the athlete’s physiques. The tushes. The what have you. No really, I’m not. But Jose Reyes has taken to doing his post-game interviews shirtless. And that one’s kind of hard to miss. So this muy caliente entry is for the ladies.

Picture_312 Picture_313




  1. youcantscriptbaseball@gmail.com

    You did it! OK this post made my day.

    BTW guess who bought your book today? Have a long flight tomorrow, can’t wait to read it!

  2. mysummerfamily@gmail.com

    It’s gettin hot in herrrre. So take off all your clothes…

    Jose, that means you and me baby (sorry Stefi, LOL). He is cute.

  3. steph1923@yahoo.com

    haha so glad someone else picked up on this! your first shirt is cracking me up…

    good stuff 🙂

  4. drtmuir@earthlink.net

    Wait, didn’t you mention tushes? There are no tushes here!

    Anyone see Vecsey’s crab piece in the Times about Jose dancing around? Crab, crab crab.

    I thought I would post a link to this dancing otter in honor of Jose, Jose, Carlos, Carlos and Carlos, Ruben, and all the dancing fools on the Mets:

    Shake it like a polaroid pikcha! And win a few, too, for goodnessakes.

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