Nutty Keith Clipfest–including bonus *foot*age from last night :)




    Oh Zoe! ****! The only thing worth remembering about Wednesday! –but those feet came out last night, didn’t they?

    So now I wonder what Ron Darling wears in there, and if the cartoon Ron in his flip flops has any versimilitude.

    Did you hear the whole Bermuda shorts discussion in Philly? I was thinking, Well, what does it matter if they wear Bermudas or cutoffs in there. They don’t get photographed from the waist down anyway. 😛

  2. Zoe

    Yes–sighs from Weds, feet from yesterday. Couldn’t help but include them!

    Yes, so now we know Keith has preppy bermuda shorts purchased by his wife. I wonder if he thinks his “Crocs” are blue collar too 🙂


    As requested….”You took your boots off, you put your feet on the table? You sh** kicking, stinky horse manure smelling motherf***er you! You f*** me up over there, I stick you in a hole in the desert!!” – Joe Pesci(Casino)


    Thanks for the delayed laughs since I didn’t have a chance to evenn see this on Wed.

    This series are not through SNY either… oh the pain LOL


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