Like me, last night, watching the game.

CuteoverloadPic from (where else)

If you watched the final few innings of last night’s slaughter at the hands of the Rockies, then you heard Keith Hernandez go just about loopy.

If you missed it? Tune in later for the transcript. Would you expect anything less from me?






    I have to say watching the game was utter pain.

    In addition to the misery, I was watching the thing on the Rockies channel. Shame on MLB Extra Innings pack.

    I mean come on, I want SNY!! I want to hear Keith babbling and the guys dancing in the dugout when all is lost or they are just having fun.

    I missed the pink shirt, the Gomez Dancing Lesson, and the Castro gum-in-the-head thing. Thank God I have you Z! LOL

    But no I had to hear the guy say “Just but 1 Rockie has scored tonight.”

    Why thanks for telling me… I honestly didn’t need the reminder and in the meantime why didn’t bring your bat boy to get a chance as well?



    Wow. I’m not the only one who reads Mets blogs and CO!!!

    On a day like this, you really need little bunnehs, kittehs and puppehs.

    Great to hear that there’s a transcript because Gary and Keith were completely loopy last night, and Mike and Steve at Zisk are having technical difficulties (or I don’t want to think about the alternative). Loved the shots of Keith’s harem of womenfolk. Don’t you think Keith’s daughters can probably hit a major-league curveball?


    That bunny is just so precious. The game last night, on the other hand, was not. But thanks for making me smile today anyway, Zoe. Being an animal lover through and through, this little guy is just the tonic for me after a very very bad Met game.

    Lee Ellen

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