Aaron Sele–Use the guy.

SeleSo…What’s up with Aaron Sele? Why was last night’s ugly loss his first time on the mound in two weeks?

About a month ago, Mets Grrl, Coop and I gathered at ESPN Zone to watch the Mets lose to Detroit. Perez was far off his game. The bullpen took over–I think it was Mota–and pretty much ******. I said to Coop, "Willie should have put in Sele." Because Sele’s our middle-relief guy. The go-to arm when the starter’s having a rough night. Why else do we have him in our bullpen?

So last night, why did Joe Smith get the nod? Vargas just plain ******. Joe Smith (whom I love) rocks, but not so much with men on base. So why not go to Sele right away?

And here’s another question for you. We’re pretty much out of starters, aren’t we? Humber could come up, but personally, I’m not eager to see another uncooked arm rushed up from the minors. Let him grow.

So why not Sele? Willie’s not using him much in the bullpen. He can go multiple innings. He’s been a starter in the past. Why not give him a shot?

Okay, fine. So during the whole Mets head-shaving frenzy, Sele didn’t lose his locks right away. But hey, he played along eventually.

To recap: Willie, either use Sele in middle relief or let him start. In this pitching day and age, why waste an arm?





  1. Kellia

    Could it be that he’s hurting and with the Mets pitching short as it is, they don’t want to use him unless they want to save a healthier pitcher?


  2. Zoe

    I haven’t heard anything about a Sele injury. Then again, the Mets are pretty good at keeping that stuff under wraps.

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