Baseball with the folks


I did not grow up in a baseball family. These days, however, if I’m at my folks’ house in Brooklyn and there’s a game on, they’re happy to watch. They’ve even taken to watching games on their own sometimes. So, my parents are learning. In the meantime, though, watching baseball with them can lead to an amusing moment or two.

Yesterday, Mom, Dad, and I were watching Mets/Phils. After Shane Victorino’s annoying home run, Mom asked:

"His name is Victor Reno?"

"Yeah, Victorino."

"Like Janet Reno’s brother?"

"Yes, Mom. Just like that."

Not too long afterwards, I saw who was stepping to the plate for what would be the final Mets at bat of the game.

I groaned. "Franco."

My dad replied: "Is he a pitcher?"

Okay, so not as fun as uproarious dugout dancing and antics, but I’ll take watching the game at my childhood home in Brooklyn with Mom and Dad to soften a pesky loss.

Love you, Mom and Dad!






    PS Zoe, have you been keeping up with all the controversy about the lame New Era BP lids? The players apparently hate them– the Mets guys were in the forefront of the resistance movement, but got some kind of scolding from MLB.

  2. Zoe

    Yup, I did see that the Mets tried to escape those weird BP caps. Eh, pay me millions and I’ll wear a **** cap too. It’s part of the job, but good for them for at least showing their objections.

    And as to David Wright? Ah, the Golden Boy is too ever-careful. Looking forward to seeing him get a bit loopy at the All-Star game, but we know what quotes he’s going to give already. “As a kid, you dream about the All-Star game.” “It’s such an honor to be included with all these players I’ve looked up to.” Blah blah blah.


    it’s times like this that I really miss Cliffy. David would still be giving us soundbytes, but Cliff would give the boy a reality check or two.

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