This one’s just too easy.

Excellent doubleheader yesterday, boys, sticking it to the Phils where they live. Also, good work David Wright–we can see you’re proud of your handiwork. It even provoked a rare smirk from Carlos Beltran! A Metstastic joke on resident clown, Ramon Castro.


Picture_307 Great reaction, D-Wright. The "Yup, I did it" grin, followed by sheer boyish glee.

Now, that’s our team.






    I can’t believe that I am just now finding this Mets blog! This is great stuff, you do a wonderful job! I am just excited because I love the Mets and this page makes my day! Ok, ok I’ll calm down…NOT! Let’s Go Mets!!!


    Well the team’s having fun again. That’s always a good sign. Hopefully they’ll get back to dominant form soon.


    hahaha this is great, i remember watching this during the game, but i didnt see wrights reaction! awesome stuff ms Rice!! 🙂 loving this blog, keep up the great work!

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