Wright’s pink shirt. Gomez’s pop and lock.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I keep my eyes peeled for the funniest moments in SNY’s Mets coverage. I like to recreate those moments here, purely for your amusement. Last night, I caught this gem of what must be some clubhouse ribbing at the expense of our Pretty Boy, David Wright.


What, you don’t see it? Let me telestrate for you:


I would bet money that the culprit is Paul Lo Duca. Looks like he’s written "I AM ***" on David Wright’s pink Nike shirt. Sophomoric? Of course. But I do like that D-Wright’s left it up as a badge of honor.

If you saw last night’s rain-delayed and rain-shortened game, then you know one highlight was a stellar run-and-leap catch by left fielder Carlos Gomez to rob Juan Encarnacion of an extra-base hit. But perhaps you missed Gomez’s earlier feat–a dugout cha cha and pop-and-lock routine. The kid’s challenging Jose Reyes for the title of Dugout Dance King. Better step it up, Jose. (As a bonus, watch again and focus on Shawn Green’s version of the white-man’s shuffle. Love him.)

Admit it. You giggled.

One comment

  1. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    The infamous shirt… I’m glad you saw it as well and pointed it cuz I got some emails regarding the issue and dear ol me doesnt have SNY LOL

    I love the video… of course it wouldn’t be a Mets game without a little Dugout Dance Time!



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