Cool stuff from Metsblog!

Metsblog_trI’ve got a few bloggy pals out there. First, the Man Who Made Me a Mets Blogger. Then my gal partners in crime, Mets Grrl and Coop, and of course my blog boys Matt and Anthony, of (and for Anthony also Hot Foot). These folks? All rock. And if you didn’t already know that, then where have you been?

Want to know something exciting? Matt and Anthony are unveiling a new format for their Metsblog Talk Radio tonight at 6:30. Their featured guest? Omar. As in Minaya. As in, We love you Omar! So click the link for specifics, and be sure to catch it on the rebound if you miss it "live." Details of how to call in yourself can be found here.

I’ll be on the 7 train at 6:30 tonight, myself. Off to Shea. To watch our boys face a tough pitcher, but hopefully keep up the momentum of last night’s getting it done.

I’m not sure if my trademark pigtails and pink hat will make it to Queens tonight, but if you see the curly-haired gal with the loud cheering voice in Mezzanine Box, Section 14 (Coop’s seats!), drop a holla.






    Hey honey – hope you enjoyed the seats more than the game. Oh and I believe you owe us a picture….**taps foot impatiently**




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