Sports Illustrated Hates Joe Smith

Who doesn’t love some Joe Smith? What a success story! With the confounding side-arm! And the humble "Aw shux" grin! We love Joe Smith.

But let’s take a look at his placement at a recent Sports Illustrated cover shoot:

Picture_263 "Hey you, Rookie, on the floor!"

But still, he’s Joe Smith. He says, "Sure, I’ll lie on the floor, Sports Illustrated. And boy will I smile wide for you.

Then SI will go and cut a brother out.


No fresh-out-of-college, small town grin on their cover, thank you very much. But what’s more? Now they’re missing one of Omar Minaya’s most fortuitous past draft picks. A vital part (this year) of the "unlikely story" SI wants to spin about the "Melting-Pot Mets."

So, Mighty Joe. Take a moment here to rise up off the floor and give us some late-inning glory. This blogger–and many a Mets fan, too–loves ya like a cover boy.





    thats just not right. Made him go out to the shoot, and hes not even apart of the cover.


    That is so not cool dude!
    In Miami a lot of people didn’t recognize dear old John and he’s been part of a great thing. The guy needs his spotlight. Shame on SI!



    Zoe, NOT just out of college– out of college and then BROOKLYN!! Which just makes Joe Smith much much better, and SI much worse. They are not worthy of my notice. I look upon them and pass by.

    Great article on Minaya, BTW, but they undermined its message by cutting Joe out of the cover.

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