As I write this, the Mets are up 3-1 at the bottom of the 4th against the Dodgers. That? Is cool. (Kinnahura!)

Greenie’s back! Cool.

Posh Spice throwing out the first pitch, however? Ew. Not cool.

Picture_260Plenty of stuff to blog about–I’m running behind! So for now, I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want: Just look at this pic with scorn for me, okay?



Update: Of course almost as soon as I write this, the lead gets trimmed to 3-2. And then the Dodgers *******’ tie it up. Usually, I would blame the Evil Eye. Today, I blame Posh. Ok, not really. But if we lose this one, I might just want to smack the frosted lipstick off her face.

Yikes, did I write that!? Sorry, Posh! It’s transference. Oh, but you’re still tacky, and get your hands off the ball.

Yeah, sometimes I forget I really shouldn’t live-blog.


One comment


    Posh? Wow, I have missed a ton of things. I think that one was worth missing.

    I have a certain affiliation with the Dodgers but the Mets MUST win! Sorry Dodgers, as long as your are not playing the Mets. You know that!

    Hoping the streak ends,



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