Dugout Dancing

Watching last night’s game against the Fish reminded me somewhat of watching the Yale-Harvard football game back in college: a contest of who ****** worse. Still, a win is a win, and we’ll take it–with hopes of tighter play to come. Willie was hilarious afterwards, smiling at his own cheekiness while teasing the media.

Because I always love a laugh, I thought I’d capture a few memorable moments of SNY coverage. (Well, besides the repeated shots of a buff but still goofy Pedro Martinez clowning around in the dugout. Yes, please!) So, here’s a reel of pre-game dugout dancing. (I couldn’t resist also throwing in the priceless "Dancing With Dontrelle.")


Dugout Dancing


Paddycakes and Hopscotch combined.

Ollie, is there a foul line in the dugout?


Dancing With Dontrelle

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