SNY Viewing Party at The Back Page

Before I delve into last night’s antics, check out my first byline. And what a fun assignment, too!

Picture_0011_11Now, if you haven’t already, meet Mets Grrl and Coop, my partners in crime last night at the SNY viewing party on the Upper East Side.

Yes, the whole thing would have been better had we won. But still, a good time was had  by all.

Picture_0021The Back Page has a helluva lot of TVs. Also, waitresses showing off their boobies. Guess which one I took a picture of? Also in attendance were the Hawaiian Tropics girls, in tiny tops and bitty skirts, handing out pinup pictures of sexy ladies. Which is fine, but SNY? I watch you too. Can’t we get one shirtless guy thrown in the mix?! THAT I would have taken a picture of.


Right off the bat, I noticed two…well…Mets Grrl called them "hoochy" girls wearing Mets/SNY t-shirts, tied around their waists to show some midriff. I had a new mission: I wanted a Mets/SNY shirt. But could a non-hoochy girl get one? I found the t-shirt source and asked: Can I have a t-shirt? He responded: Yes, if you can answer a baseball question.

Mets Grrl immediately had my back: I bet you didn’t ask the hoochy girls a question! SNY Guy responded: No, they’re our models.

But I wasn’t worried. "Ask the question," I said confidently. So SNY Guy did: "Name one SNY announcer." I made a face and and reeled off five names. I got a t-shirt. Mets Grrl said I was given a "pink cap" question. She was right.

Picture_0101_6Picture_006_4Know what else we got? Beer cozies! Indulge me. Without a win, we needed to find other ways to get our rocks off. Like, say, bar food:


Even though the game had few thrilling moments, the crowd managed to get several "Let’s Go Mets" chants going on, with the help of–yes, that’s right–Cowbell Man. You won’t have to listen hard in the videos to hear him! I enjoy Cowbell Man. I think he’s a great fan-booster. But truly, homeslice loves a TV camera.


Meanwhile, as the Mets were stranding guys on base right and left, Coop, Mets Grrl, and I shared camera and phone pics of our gorgeous cats. I know. Trust me, I know. But if your little one looked like this, tell me you wouldn’t share.

Met_pet_cap_2_3Picture_0031_1What else made me smile last night? I asked for my cocktail in a Mets glass. Look at me all moon-faced and grinny. I could say I was a good girl and resisted the temptation, but I would be lying. I will drink everything from this glass. Even wine.

Picture_0111_4 Here are some final pics to help you vicariously enjoy chick bloggers’ night out. Now let’s hope the Mets *******’ sweep the *******’ Marlins. Frig.

Picture_0091 Picture_0071_7



  1. RumorMill

    So… what you’re telling me is that you can’t take any criticism of your beloved Mets?

    Have some class and don’t censor everyone who disagrees with you. Actually, it really doesn’t matter as I’m done reading your drivel.

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