Empire State Pep Talk

Picture_23211_1 Last night, I walked a couple blocks west and a couple blocks north in order to get the view above. I gotta say–in person, it was brighter, bigger, and more moving. So the Yankees didn’t roll over and die. So what. We’ve got this larger-than-life symbol telling all of New York that it’s a Mets town.

When I took this picture, I was in the same area as David Wright’s NYC apartment. I hope David was home last night. Because I’d be shocked if his luxury bachelor pad doesn’t have a view of the Empire State Building, and who more than our excitable David would be inspired by this sight?!

But yesterday is already in the past. The next three games against Atlanta are perhaps the most important the team has played thus far. You may remember back on April 1, I gave our boys a bloggy pep talk. Spring training hadn’t gone so well, and there we were once again facing the Cardinals. Oh, I wanted us to win. And ohhhh we sure did. So a new superstition began. Bloggy pep talks for the really important games.

So come on, gentlemen. You own New York. Now own the NL East. Throw away the sloppy plays. We’ve seen you work defensive magic–so bring it on. Make those catches that invoke gasps, those rocket-arm throws that make us shake our heads in wonder. And bring the bats. D-Wright, keep on homering your heart out. Shawnie, you look great without the hair, so knock out a few triples. Delgado, we know you’ve got it in you. And Reyes. Dear, dear Jose Reyes–you go and get the show started.

Play hard, brothers. Play smart. And win.



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