Subway Series Game 2: Some memorable moments in Fox coverage

You better believe I’m going to stroll down the block tomorrow night to get a view of the 100% blue and orange Empire State Building. But in the meantime, here are the moments I felt like capturing from Saturday afternoon/evening’s TV coverage. The sloppy playing? Yeah, I’m going to let that slide for now. Who cares as long as the W’s keep on coming?

Did you see D-Wright reading the lineup? Some of these nicknames are a hoot. Here’s a transcript of our David having some fun (and I dunno, DW, I think you’re "Mr. GQ." We’ve all seen you in your headband.) :

Batting lead-off, the most exciting player in baseball, Mr. Jose Reyes
Batting second, Endy "The Catch" Chavez
Batting third, Carlos "Mr. GQ" Beltran
Batting fourth, "The Puerto Rican Mr. T," Carlos Delgado
Batting fifth, Yours Truly
Batting sixth, Shawn "I miss my hair" Green
Batting seventh, "Eddie Munster" Paul Lo Duca
Batting eighth, Damion "Hit Man" Easley
And batting ninth, my favorite player when I was in elementary school, the crafty left-hander Tom Glavine.

Oh, that cracked me up. The game coverage began, however, with a more heart-warming moment. Check out Willie Randolph giving a speech at Fordham University, and his daughter in her cap and gown. Congrats to the Randolph family on this all-around super weekend. Picture_221


What a tough first inning for the Yanks. Really, tough break (literally) for rookie Darrell Rasner. Here’s the crotch and hand shot, care of Fox’s zoom lens.


Later on, for some reason, Fox decided to stick up a visual comparison of Lou Piniella as former Fox Broadcaster vs. as Cubs Manager. The faux-telestrating at the bottom is my own–to show where Fox went off its rocker, and where I laughed out loud. Picture_224_1

Finally, I’ll leave you with a couple "warm fuzzies." New York City’s 2 great shortstops sharing a tender moment, and Paul Lo Duca snuggling up to Billy Wagner after a tough–but victorious–ninth. Awwww.


Our boys have done us proud and won the series. A sweep would be gravy. But, ya know, who’s saying no to gravy?

Let’s Go Mets!




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