First Game: Ours!

Empire_stateYesterday afternoon, I received a text from the delightful Mets Grrl. Like any Yenta worth her kosher salt, she was match-making. Coop had an extra ticket to the first game of the Subway Series. Would I like to head off to Shea that night?

Um…is Endy Chavez our most reliable bench player?

I canceled my plans for the evening (thanks to M for being very understanding!) and started the night by meeting a superfun (and generous!) fellow female blogger. The evening would only get better and better. Shout outs here to the weather for not raining, and also my new kids Mets sweatshirt, which kept a gal warm.

If you watched the top of the first innning last night on TV, you might have gotten a sense of how the game felt. (Let’s just say I’m spending the early part of my Saturday afternoon rewatching on DVR.) Did you notice? The rivalry seemed…well…pretty friendly. When Johnny Damon knocked over Damion Easley at 2nd, he quickly patted Easley on the back with an apology. Not long after, Hideki Matsui gave Lo Duca a smile at the plate, seeming to respond to our catcher’s greeting. Hey. What’s with all the pleasantries?

And indeed, for the most part, the rivalry at Shea felt pretty friendly (for once!). After Matsui’s 2-run homer gave the Yankees their brief shot at a lead, a couple Yankees fans a few rows below us started celebrating. One jumped up, turned around, and started shaking. Enough that he spilled his beer all over his jersey.

"You can’t even drink your beer!" I yelled out. "You need a sippy-cup!"

Spiller’s friend took a look at my curly pigtails. "By the end of the game, your hair’s going to be straight," he said smiling.

"And your face is gonna be sad!" I yelled back.

But it was all in good fun. And, you know, even better fun because of the outcome.


My favorite SNY announcer moment of the night? Man, when those guys crack up it’s truly hilarious. At the top of the 4th inning, Gary Cohen made an annoucement.

Gary: We’ve got a new addition to our booth here. Hi Chad! (Camera shows a bobblehead of Chad Pennington.)

Keith (to the bobblehead): Chad, do you like the Patriots? (He starts the head spinning "No.")

Gary (after joining along in a rowdy cackle with Ron Darling): Glad you could come to work today and play with dolls, Keith. That’s terrific.

Terrific indeed.

Now let’s get that Empire State Building all blue and orange by Monday, fellas.

Let’s Go Mets!!






    Nicey nicey!!! Thanks for the shout-out Zoe. I had a lovely time last night as well. Great company AND a great ballgame!!! 😀

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