Winning Pink

Picture_218_2The pink bats and arm bands were certainly kind to our mama’s boys on Mother’s Day. What a nice win against the Brewers, and a superb, much laudable outing from Ollie Perez. Not to mention a swell debut in the majors for young Carlos Gomez. A good day to be a Mets fan.

And a good day to be a Mom. Seeing this image of Paul Lo Duca and his beloved mother, I was reminded of how he scratches her name in the dirt behind home plate, looks up to the sky, and says "I love you" before every game he catches.

Lo Duca’s mom died of ovarian cancer 11 years ago. Considering she once punched out a heckling fan in the stands when Paulie played in college? Well, I’m guessing he gets some of his famous fiery nature from her.

On Mother’s Day, I trekked over to Lo Duca’s birthplace and mine–Brooklyn–and baked my mom a cake. While watching the Mets win, of course 😉






    That’s nice!

    Hope all is well,


    I’m getting my Mets fix @ the end of the month (Miami baby!) 😉 Can’t wait.

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