“My head is cold, man.”

Shawn Green says it all in this video capture. If you read his lips, he says (I wish I knew to whom!) "My head is cold, man." And then, defeatedly, "I don’t like it."


Aw, Shawnie. You had the best hair in baseball, hands down. But you sacrificed those luscious locks for the team–and to support David Wright. Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows how I feel about hair! And its effect on playing! Shawn didn’t have such a great night last night… The Baseball Hair Gods have been roused.Picture_2161

For David Wright and Paul Lo Duca, however? Them skull caps might be just the thing to kick start their seasons into gear. In case you haven’t heard–and who hasn’t!?–David Wright decided to forget about the Goatee Watch. Nah, homeboy had to step it up and shave his head. Normally, this would just start a new David Wright Shaved Head Watch 2007 (David, you had quite nice hair yourself). Picture_2121

But soon Lo Duca followed suit. After all, he’s become D-Wright’s best buddy on the team now that Big Cliff’s gone. And then…oh boy…Carlos Beltran had clippers in hand, and peer pressure took down Met after Met–nixing their manes!–Finally including the well-coifed Shawn Green and David Newhan. A gesture of solidarity as a team, yes, and also support of its favorite little bro, David Wright.

Will Jose Reyes lose the locks? He’s the vain one on the team, it’s said. The mirror-hog. Will those famous twists wind up on the barber’s cold, hard floor? AND, how will the Hair Gods feel about that? Reyes has been red hot. Why mess with that?

Who wound up with the short end of the attractiveness stick after yesterday’s shear-a-thon? Well, I don’t want to name names…so, um…

Picture_214_1For the full report on the hair shenanigans, Matt at Metsblog linked to some GREAT INSIDER BLOGS that capture the fun of it all. Highly recommended, and thanks as always Matt!

So, would I shave my head for the team? Please. No *******’ way on Earth. Would Keith Hernandez? Nope. But he did say he "might have gone half-way and shaved my mustache." The stache!!! Good Lord. Keith did remind us, though–how could Mr. "Just For Men" Hair Color go shaving off his bread and butter? Hilarious.

Picture_014r_1Methinks my Mets buddy Rob might be loving this new trend. Just a theory.

So, I dunno. Three doubles in a row to start the game…a solid win…lots of laughter for the fans, watching all those chrome domes in the dugout… As a chick, I miss the hair. But as a Mets fan? I love seeing the boys bond any way they can.

I’m just a little worried about Shawn. His head is cold, man. Please, oh please don’t let his hot hitting follow suit.




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