Tootsie Pop Watch 2007

Let’s say you’re watching the Mets in the process of being defeated by the Braves, and you figure: Hey, I could use a giggle right now. Who’s gonna come through for you? Who?

Why, Tootsie Keith, of course.

But first, you noticed, didn’t you? The fans love the Tootsie.

Picture_195Later, when Gary Cohen reminded Keith that he was still due a lolli, Keith jumped up to get it, as excited as a little boy. "It won’t take half a pitch!" 

"You already bit it?" asked Ron Darling, surprised.

"No, I didn’t," Keith responded, and you could hear the sulk in his voice. "It’s a defective Tootsie Pop. I’m very upset."

Never fear, Keithy. Another game, another Pop.




  1. James

    Zoe: Are you depressed? Are you OK? Your BBPI – Blog Bytes Per Inning is really down this year. Sophomore Jinx, The Weather, or just missing ZLF (Zoe’s Lil Fav – you know who) – just relax and you will get your stroke back. Good Luck,

    Right Fielder

  2. Zoe

    Ah, the biggest difference? I’m writing a new book this time ’round. Keeps me busy.

    But I’ll work on it!

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