First Week at Shea

Took me long enough. But here are some fun photos from the home opener win against the Phillies. And to cap it off, a pic from the "Chick Bloggers at Shea" extravaganza the following Friday, when the fabulous Mets Grrl invited me to peep a game against the Nats in her seats! Thanks Mets Grrl! It was fun freezing my *** off with you! 

First, ooh, look–planes! Planes over Shea! Such a novelty! But no, these were special planes. And they made a cool whoosh sound. So, yay planes.Picture_0161_5

Picture_0181_2Y’know what else was special? First pitch! In his beloved side-piping 80s uniform (if perhaps a bit larger)–our favorite SNY comedian, Tootsie Keith Hernandez.


Picture_0191_11 Now, I’m sure other blogs, articles, etc. have gone over the Shea opener with a fine-toothed comb. But did they talk about the new at-bat pictures on the Diamondvision? Because okay, some of them are just too fun to bear. And by too fun, of course I mean…well…

First, let’s examine the "I’m-a-gonna-hit-you" pose. For real, I was sitting in my chilly little seat thinking "Duc! Carloses! Shawnie! Don’t be angry at me. I’m very nice and cheer for you!"

Picture_0371_2 Picture_0381_1 Picture_0391_4 Picture_0401_1 

And then, Mr. Valenin.

Picture_0221_1Picture him saying "You must pay the rent!" And then the damsel in distress says "I can’t pay the rent!" And then the hero storms in and declares "I’ll pay the rent!"

So who’s the hero? Maybe Greenie. After all, this pic of him looks like he’s aiming for GQ model status. Watch out Wright and Reyes! Someone’s coming to steal your headbands and gold lame jackets.

Picture_0211_3 Finally, I’ll leave you with some pics of yours truly. In the first, it’s Monday, and I’m thinking–Boy, this is cold. In the second, it’s Friday, and I’m with the lovely (bundled up) Mets Grrl, thinking Holy Frickin’ Frick It’s Cold! But fun. Cold but very, very fun!

Oh Shea, I missed your crappy splendor. You’ll always be my first.





  1. Zack

    Those Mets poses are hilarious! How come I didn’t notice them on the 11th? Oh yeah, because I was busy running around for foul balls (and it paid off)l.

    -The Baseball Collector

  2. Edward

    Hey Zoe…

    The Valentin picture is my fav… he looks pretty angry in it lol.

    Did you hear about the trouble we caused in philly? tu;rns out we beat the phillies so badly last night Charlie Manuel threw a temper tantrum and challenged a radio reporter to a fight afterward lol. Team to beat? I don’t think so!

    Hope all is well…

    ~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

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