Return of Tootsie

Tootsie2_2How heartwarming is it to see our boys defending their tushes off? But I don’t want to jinx anything! So let’s instead revisit Keith Hernandez’s love of the Tootsie Pop, which made another star appearance during last night’s (ha!) defeat of the brutish Cardinals. Can I get a "Tootsie Pop Watch 2007" please? Awww, yeah.

Gary Cohen: You know, I can tell that the season’s starting. You know how I know it for sure? Because Keith’s about to chomp his first Tootsie Pop of the year.

Keith Hernandez: I got the chocolate Tootsie Pop.

Gary: (Valenin takes ball one.) You’ve paused that Tootsie Pop in the middle. That’s unusual for you. (And Valentin takes the strike; it’s one-and-one.) You know, there comes a point in every game where the Tootsie Pop gets broken out. And usually–you’re not usually with the chocolate ones.

Keith: When I’m broadcasting, I’m very professional. I can’t have chunks in my mouth, in case *Drowned out by Gary/Ron laughter*

Gary: Professional?

Keith: Right. So it’s a very slow process.

Gary: (One and Two to Valentin.)

Keith: This Tootsie Pop will last about four or five innings, trust me.

Ron Darling: Wow. So the overnighter is four innings for that Tootsie Pop.

Keith: Yes.

Ron: Nice.

Yes, Keith. Nice indeed.

As for this exchange later? Well, I think the gentlemen did this one just for me 😉

Gary: By the way, Keith, I think your hair looks great.

Keith: I think that our Canali ties look great, to be honest with you.

Ron (laughing, to Gary): That’s right, his hair looks great–

Keith (about his tie): I got my chartreuse, or pink, on.

Gary: You’re really on fire tonight.

Yes, Keith. On fire indeed.






    Hye girl!
    Did you see the new MLB catalog. I just got it today and saw the new “line” for women from Alyssa Milano.

    MMM I am not going to pay 50 bucks for a shirt…sorry. I would rather just keep buying kids shirts.

    I still like your line better… 😉


  2. Zoe

    Ooh, D, I’ve got to find the catalog! Yeah, I loved my line too! Oh wellllll.

    Even if they just made smaller patches, besides the shoulder ones, I could make my own cute tops. Sigh.

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