A Superstition Begins

4_1_opener_shawn_val_1Ok. Clearly I have to save my pep talks for very important games. The must-wins. Do they have magic powers, these enthusiastic pep talks that no beloved Met will ever get near, let alone read? Um, no. But this is baseball, so you will indulge me this one (of many) supersition. And so the season’s begun.

Tonight’s the first "real" game on SNY, and I can’t wait to have the whole team back together, from pre-show to post. As fun as Sunday’s game was to watch, I could certainly have done without the ESPN announcers, Captain and Major Obvious. What fun are such duh-worthy statements as Jon Miller’s "Carpenter’s really struggling here." "This Mets lineup is a meat grinder." "Glavine is dazzling them right now." Um…ya think?

The Mets blogosphere has been buzzing about the David Wright article in this week’s New York Magazine. Mine arrived in my mailbox yesterday, but I have yet to read it. You know I’ll have some commentary to add here after I do…so stay tuned, folks 😉

(We’re starting the David Wright Goatee Watch 2007 clean-shaven…will the bare chin be able to repeat last year’s power performance? Let’s Go Chin!)




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