Blech on the Cardinals

Just over an hour and a half remains until baseball season begins once more.

At the risk of offending my buddy Mark, the man who made me a Mets blogger, I will fully admit: I hate the Cardinals. Smug, poorly behaved brutes.

Man, I want the Mets to win tonight. I want our boys to find last year’s spirit and swagger, bottle it up, and take a tall drink before stepping out on that field. Toss away the sloppiness and reconnect with Willie Ball. Let’s get a Mets first inning, with young Jose racing to third, followed by Duc batting him in. Throw in a homer from at least one Carlos. DWright, stick your tongue out and hit hard the other way.  Shawnie, find your swing. Gentlemen? Aim big. Walk cocky. Do it right.

And win. I know I’ve got no business asking, but I’m going to anyway. Win it for us, boys.






    Because now ST doesn’t matter. Clean slate. The bats are swinging. The wins are real.

    Welcome to the Majors!

    2007 Edition!



    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mets are 1-0 and once again the best record in baseball. Actually I am getting WAY too much credit for being a Cards fan. I just helped David Wright with this what-song-should-I-swing-to program on, and my boys live back in St. Louis. So I’d be doing the Mets a big disservice saying I’m a Redbird fan since I work for them, too! Go baseball!!!

    Looking forward to your next smash hit book!


  3. Edward

    Hey Zoe…*******, it felt good to get a little payback against those Cards for bouncing us in October! Forgot how much I resented them for that…

    Hear who’s starting against us on Wednesday? Old pal Braden Looper… can’t wait to get our hands on him!

    ~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe


    So happy that the Mets are undefeated this morning! And to show the Cardinals what they’re up against this season – Yeah!!!
    And did you see Paulie tagging out Eckstein at the plate?!? Nice play!!!!

  5. Zoe

    Eddie, I’ve been reading your new blog, which is great! But the “privacy policy” states that if you sign up to comment, they may share your email address with other parties. As you can imagine, I’m pretty careful about spam. So…I can only comment here or on your old blog, unfortunately!!

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