Can you sing?

Microphone_1Tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th, you could become a supa stahhhh. Who needs American Idol when you can have Shea Anthem Idol? (According to Ron Darling and Gary Cohen, SNY‘s Gary Apple will be the "Paula Abdul"-esque judge.) Auditions to sing the American Anthem at Shea are taking place at SNY‘s Rockefeller Plaza studios.

Lest our dear Ron Darling feel left out of my commentary-appreciation-blogging, I give you these bon mots from last night’s (yay) win against the Dodgers. Spurred on by talking about the Anthem auditions, we got the following:

Gary: Every once in a while, yes, I will sing a few bars in the shower. Sometimes even on the air. But nobody requests it.

Ron: I’m a car singer. If I’m driving by myself in the car, I am letting. It. Go.

Gary: So you’re singing along.

Ron: Along with the song. And I’m sounding fantastic.

Gary: Of course. ‘Cause you can’t hear yourself.

Ron: Exactly.


And the rocket’s red glare….




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