Tickets Available

Last year, I spent many lovely days and nights at Shea in Rob’s seats. Loge level, 3rd row, located just about where the infield meets the outfield grass. Here was our view:Picture_073_2

For the upcoming season, Rob’s selling a package of 1/3 of his season tickets. The package includes the following games:

April12 PHI
April 13 WAS
April 21 ATL
April 25 COL
May 2 FLA
May 11 MIL
May 14 CHI
May 17 CHI
May 18 NYY
May 31 SF
June 2 ARZ
June 5 PHI
June 19 MIN
June 22 OAK
June 27 STL
July 13 CIN
July 26 PIT
July 29 WAS
Aug 7 ATL
Aug 10 FLA
Aug 23 SD
Aug 26 LA
Sep 7 HOU
Sep 11 ATL
Sep 14 PHI
Sep 26 WAS
Sep 29 FLA

If you’re interested, email Rob at




One comment


    Wow, a third less Mets games for Zoe? Whatever will you do?

    Cheer it up from home then.

    Less then a week away. I can almost hear the chants of “Jose,Jose,Jose,Jose…Jose”

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