Beyond the facial hair.

Dwright_gq_1David. Let’s have a chat. Cliffy’s not going to be around anymore to guide you through the finer things in life, but I’m still here. I’ll always be here for you. So, hon, let’s talk…suits.

Virginia may be for lovers, but New York is for fashion. (And I don’t mean this kind.) We know you like to wear your casual shirts oversized, and although it’s not my first choice for you, I get it. That’s what you’re comfortable in, and it’s casual-wear, so you can get away with it, even in your beloved pastels.

But a suit, David? A suit is a man’s best style weapon. It’s pretty hard to go wrong in a suit. Suits are hot. All you need to do is find a designer you trust, and–AND–your perfect fit. This? Is not your perfect fit.

Please, D-Wright. Please, for the eyes of us ladies everywhere, just go a little smaller. The pants shouldn’t be billowing out, and the waist shouldn’t be swimming. Single-breasted is good, the color’s fine. Just tighten up your suits a little, okay? If not for the ladies, then for the team. Because I’m sure this is very important to them as well.


Your Style Coach



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