And I-ee-I-ee-I will always love you-ou-ou-ou.

Cliffy_love_copy_13 Yes, as you can imagine, I am in mourning. Oh, Cliff. I will certainly continue to follow your career, and I do so hope you wind up somewhere that will make you happy.

Thanks to Matt of Mets Blog for pointing me to this article, where my beloved #30 comments on Omar’s maneuvers with all the dignity we’d expect of him. "I can’t question Omar," says Cliff. "All I can do is thank him for the four years."

And we thank you, Cliff Floyd. We thank you for never, ever playing half-assed. We thank you for being such a leader on our team. We thank you for all your humorous quips, and for showing D-Wright the ropes. Man, Cliff. We thank you for being you.

The Newsday article also reveals that Cliff’s heel injury was worse than anyone knew, and that the cortisone shot wasn’t a good idea. But the surgery went well, and Cliff will be ready for spring training. He’ll get strong again. Cliffy heals fast.

I will continue to wear my Floyd t-shirt with pride, in memory of my first favorite Met. And although he’s not my first choice, I will look forward to seeing Moises Alou strengthen our bats against lefties and make our strong team even stronger.

But Mets. Dudes. Really, don’t shake Alou’s hand. Find a polite way to avoid it, but for your own sakes. At least keep some hand sanitizer around.

I love you, Cliff. I miss you already. And I’ll always remain one of your biggest New York fans.





  1. Kellia

    And I thought it was gross that David Ortiz repeatedly spat on his batting gloves while at bat.

    Nolan Ryan tried to deal with blisters with pickle brine.


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes (who uses batting gloves and doesn’t spit on them!)



    Remember us like we will remember you…

    In the best of lights.

    Godspeed, Cliffy, Godspeed.

    While it will hurt to see you in another uni, I look forward to rising to my feet and applauding you when you inevitably return to Shea.

    Take care, good friend.


    Goodbye Cliffy I will Miss You!!!

    Best of luck to you and what ever team is lucky enough to get you!!!


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