Save the Left Fielder…Save the world.

Cliffy_love_copy_12My buddy Matt at Mets Blog is reporting that rumors abound that Omar Minaya’s not only showing interest in keeping Cliff Floyd on board, but has even made him a "proposal." Is this true? Or just another fancy GM smokescreen? Ah, we civilians must remain in the dark for now. But Cliff Floyd is Zoë’s hero, so in true Heroes fashion, she tells Omar:

Save the left fielder. Save the world. 

Many more fans than not want to see Cliff remain a NY Met next season. The man has so much heart, he should be nicknamed Valentine’s Day. And after his last Achilles surgery in 2003, that mixture of heart and renewed health led him to some pretty great numbers. Add in Cliff’s clubhouse presence, his honest and jocular way with the media, and his penchant for calling David Wright "boy!" and I think you’ll agree with me that seeing Big Cliff go would be sad indeed.

Do we need to keep Endy in order to keep Cliff? Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. (What’s going on with Endy, anyway? I don’t even know if we’ve got him for next year or not.) But I’ll just say this: I’ll take a player who gives 200% every time he’s on the field over a hyped up, overpaid megastar any day. And twice on Valentine’s Day.

Omar! Keep Cliff!

Come on, folks. Let’s show our big guy some love.






    Dear Omar:
    Please keep Cliff. We need him to give Wright and Reyes endless h e l l for that GQ photoshoot.


    Mets Grrl


    Mets Grrl is so right-no pun intended. Can’t you just see Cliff photocopying the pictures and stickingthem all over the clubhouse? Okay, maybe that’s a little juvenile. I’d love to hear what Cliffy has to say about that article.


    Save Cliff and his big heart. He is a fan fav and I know most people don’t just like him, they LOVE him as you point out Zoe. He is in part what kept this clubhouse loose. So I just want to say…”Save The Left Fielder…Win The World Series”

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