So, Citi Field, Huh?

CitifieldMy own two cents? Sure, why not. Citi Field it is. It could have been a LOT worse. Imagine:

Bitty Field: No room for you!

Ditty Field: The players break into song!

Fitty Field: Shortstop? Fitty Cent, of course.

Gritty Field: Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Hitty Field: But only if the hits are ours.

Kitty Field: Ok, that one I’d be all for.

Knitty Field: Your seat is made of yarn!

Pity Field: Mets don’t need no pity. We’re set to dominate

Pretty Field: Something tells me fans aren’t dying to say, "I’m off to Pretty!"

Quitty Field: Not our team, not ever!

Shi*ty Field: Unacceptable! Our field must be the best evah.

Titty Field: Well, you boys would love that now wouldn’t you. Zoe says? Dream on!

Witty Field: I’ll take our boys cracking jokes any day. But maybe that’s best left to the bloggers?

Zitty Field: Not with my great skin care advice, folks!

So, when you think about it, Citi Field wins in this bunch, don’tcha think?






    I like Kitty Field. Jasper would have loved that. What about Hello Kitty Field?

    Walter Mitty Field

    Serendipity Field

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Field

    Itty Bitty Field (sell Teeny Weeny Orange and Blue Polka Dot Bikinis)

    Ways and Means Committee Field

    that’s all I got. fun post. cool ballpark.

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