In Omar I Trust

Omar_bill2_copyDo I seriously think we’re going to see one of the top 3 names being bandied about for starting pitching? Is Zito, Willis, or Matsuzaka going to be a Met next year? Nah, I wouldn’t bet on it.

What else? We won’t have Soriano, nor likely my fave for 2nd, Julio Lugo, and quite possibly not any of the big names we’re fantasizing about in blogland.

But I am so not concerned.

Because I fully believe in the brilliance of Omar Minaya.

With Omar we have someone who understands the whole picture of a player, beyond his stats and reports. He thinks creatively, figuring out the smartest way to get past whatever obstacles stand in his way. He’s got the deep pockets but won’t overpay. He’s persuasive, fatherly, astute, strategic, and genial. He knows the right thing to say and when to say it.

If he gave me lottery numbers, I’d play them every day. If cigarettes had an "Omar Minaya" warning instead of a Surgeon General’s, people would quit smoking. I hear in a future episode of the new hit, "Heroes" (an awesome show!), someone will develop the power of thinking like Omar Minaya and save the world. Omar Minaya now controls Congress.

Omar Minaya’s like a master jigsaw puzzler: He’s able to see the entire picture as if it’s laid out before him. He knows what pieces we are missing, and better yet? He knows how to find them. When Omar’s done with his jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces will fit snugly together. And the picture that will result? Why, a championship trophy, of course.

So let’s hypothesize, opine, and guess away at our future team, because it’s fun. But whatever the results are? I know I’ll swoon. Love ya, Omar!





  1. Zoe

    Hmm, I enlarged the image on photoshop, and though very pixilated, if I had to guess, I’d say it’s an SNY ID card.


    I know O-Min is going to come trough 🙂

    All those names are nice (although I would rather have the Lorretta/Valentin combo ’cause I’m not a fan of Soriano’s attitude) but let’s see what happens in the end.

    I know things are going to be done and done right !



    Whatcha think of the name of the new park?

    I’m just going by Mets Citi, that will be my name for it LOL


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