Jose! Jose! Jose! Jose!

Mets_japanese_walkoffOn his blog, Adam Rubin reports that Jose Reyes’s walk-off homer (scoring 2 runs during the 10th inning!) cemented our sweep against the Japanese All-Star team. The Japanese call it a "sayonara" home run, which I pretty much love. I hope that next year at Shea, I’ll see at least one thrilling Mets walk-off so that I can jump up and yell "Sayonara, baby!"

What’s next for our beloved Jose? He’s a movin’ on up and house-hunting in Long Island. I’ve never been much of a suburban gal myself, but then again, I never had any kind of $23 million contract.

If only great fiction writers were as in demand as great baseball players!





    also, shame on the MLB for not broadcasting any of the games or even having any video of the series.

    A **** shame.

    I thought this was a promotional exhibition series. Shouldnt they have PROMOTED it?

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